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Before You Sign the Lease

There are federal, state, and local laws covering fair housing and discrimination issues. Laws vary by local area, for example, some states prevent discriminating against a person based on income or source of income. Therefore, a landlord would not be able to deny an applicant based solely on the fact a potential tenant receives SSI or Section 8.

A tenant background check is commonly run to conduct tenant screening for credit history or criminal record, and a consent to background check form should be signed by the applicant. The rental application should be free from questions that may appear discriminatory. USLegalforms offers tenant forms that have been professionally drafted to comply with applicable landlord-tenant law.

At this stage, some suggested forms include:

  • Tenant background check consent documents
  • Tenant application forms
  • Reference letters and tenant consent to reference check
  • Statements of responsibilities of landlords and tenants rights and obligations
  • Occupancy rules